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ROLEO is the only electrically powered, movable sit-to-stand and transfer aid with an integrated turntable
ROLEO is more than a sit-to-stand and transfer aid. It supports mobilisation, as the person uses and trains their existing mobility during a transfer. The carer supports the patient with the powered device. There is no underarm pain as the sling is positioned at the person’s centre of gravity (pelvis). This aid is easy to operate and protects the carer’s back.
ROLEO can do even more: ROLEO’s integrated turntable rotates the person without additional movement easily and naturally. This saves space and avoids having to move the device during the transfer. The chest rest allows the person to receive care and remain comfortable. The handles can be used for mobilisation and standing practice.
The optional seat turns ROLEO into a wheelchair. The person is firmly and securely supported and can be wheeled in a seated position, e.g. from bed to toilet. Secure support is provided by the pelvic sling, the shin rests and the rubberised, shaped footplate. Additional accessories to support and secure the person are available.
Watch the ROLEO transfer aid in action:Watch the ROLEO transfer aid in action:
ROLEO transfer aid standard model
Support column
Anti-tilt supports at front and back
Four wheels with locking brakes
360° turntable
Multi-grip bar
Adjustable shin rests
Electric pulling system with hand control unit, battery pack and charger
Indication and Technical Data
Persons with a limited range of motion and limited leg and hip function, which make it difficult or impossible for them to stand up without assistance. Bed bound persons, who can sit for a short while and can be transported in a seated position .
Persons who are unable to weight bear for a short time despite using handles for both hands, a sling and shin rests.
Electric pulling system

(System motuna)
24 VDC / 2.9 A

Safety nut and safety brake in case of engine failure.
Battery module
Battery pack

For battery pack

360° in 32 steps

Total height
127 cm (without accessories)

Total length
Standard 93 cm / with seat 105 cm

54 kg

Step height
14 cm

4 x 100 mm with locking brake

54 kg

Max. user weight
130 kg
Item numbers and accessories
Order Data

Order no.

Standard model ROLEO

Sling, size 1, max. abdominal circumference 100 cm

Sling, size 2, max. abdominal circumference 130 cm
Soft, padded chest rest. Provides comfortable support for the breastbone
Vertical chest rest - provides additional support during standing practice
Pair of footrests with retaining straps up to shoe size 37 (UK 4, US 6.5)

Pair of footrests with retaining straps up to shoe size 45 (UK 10.5, US 11.5)

secure the feet during standing. The feet cannot slide or move (spasms and reflexes).


Calf straps (pair) - knees or shins are secured in the shin support and cannot move or slide sideways
ROLEO additional handles (pair) - for persons who require additional handles in different positions for both hands
Seat for safe and comfortable transport, e.g. straight from bed to toilet without a wheelchair

Seat for safe and comfortable transport, e.g. straight from bed to toilet without a wheelchair
Further accessories and customised adaptations available on request. ROLEO sit-to-stand and transfer aid complies with the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC).

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