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Sit-to-stand aids, transfer aids for standing up, bed-to-chair and chair-to-chair transfers, and for standing practice
Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Muscular Dystrophy or ALS?
Healthcare professionals and relatives quickly reach their limits when caring for a person with these and other physical disabilities, impairments or special needs – back problems often follow.
The solution: Leonair transfer aids provide tried and tested solutions for healthcare and nursing care. Chair-to-chair aids are devices that help the carer with the transfer of a person from one seat to another, e.g. the bedside to a wheelchair. The person in need of care is brought to a semi-standing or standing position during the transfer. The carer provides minimal assistance during the transfer.
The person’s feet are positioned on a platform. The ROLEO model has a turntable platform. The ROLEO’s sturdy construction and wheels mean the person can be moved in a standing position. However, the person must have adequate active mobility. Leonair aids can also be used to encourage mobilisation.
Leonair GmbH has been developing and producing sit-to-stand aids and transfer aids in Baden-Württemberg, Germany for more than 20 years. Our devices are used in home care and facilities for disabled persons. Our aids for persons with some mobility are available on prescription in Germany and can be bought in specialist shops or directly from the manufacturer Leonair.
Fig. shows optional accessories

The transfer aid ROLEO has multiple functions:
The handy turntable means there is no need for awkward positioning manoeuvres that are typical for devices with bulky frames. Positioning the ROLEO close to the target, e.g. the bed, is easy. This electrically powered aid transfers the person without the need to move the device. The ROLEO is a compact device that can be used in tight spaces. The sling has been designed to support the pelvis. Shoulder problems are avoided. Multiple handles allow the person to train their hands and arms. A seat is available as an optional accessory. It allows transporting the person in a seated position. Standing up and standing can be practised without additional aids.

  • ROLEO’s turntable makes the transfer easier and saves space.
  • Provides electrically powered support when the person is standing up.
  • Turning without moving the device saves space.
  • Sling position in the pelvic area avoids shoulder problems
  • Standing and standing up practice without additional aids
  • Multiple handles to train hands and arms.
Fig. shows optional accessories

Stand up actively with the ELEA sit-to-stand aid.
The skillfully shaped ELEA platform fits between chair legs and can therefore be positioned closely. All Leonair sit-to-stand and transfer aids have the sling placed around the person’s pelvis. This prevents complications in the person’s shoulder area while protecting the carer’s back. The electrically powered raising system brings the person to a standing position. The person can and should actively help, if possible. This increases their mobility.

    • Protects the carer’s back
    • Easy to operate
    • Electrically powered support
    • Highly tilt-resistant
    • Avoids shoulder problems owing to sling position in the pelvic area
    • Boosts existing mobility and is suitable for standing practice
    • Firm and safe support during the transfer
                Fig. shows optional accessories

                LiLLy helps people with insufficient core stability
                The electrically powered transfer aid LiLLy offers complete upper body support. Carers appreciate LiLLy’s easy handling and back protection. LiLLy may be used in people with and without core stability. The sling is positioned at the centre of gravity. This avoids shoulder problems. Handles can be adjusted to meet the needs of the person, enabling them to participate to their best ability. The updated model will be available from autumn 2021.

                  • Electric transfer aid
                  • Upper body supported
                  • Length and direction of handles adjustable
                  • Adjustable sling
                  • Adjustable shin rests
                  • Movable aid
                            Fig. shows optional accessories

                            For active persons: Practice standing up with Emmy
                            Emmy supports persons with declining leg power who find standing up difficult. The gap between the bars leaves plenty of space for the head as the person uses the side handles to rise gradually to a standing position Safety features include large, anti-slip treads, shin supports and a shallow step of only 6.5 cm. The person may be transported in a standing position. An optional safety sling is available. The sit-to-stand aid Emmy supports the person’s existing mobility and makes the carer’s job easier.

                            • Space for the head
                            • Handles for standing practice
                            • Padded handles at various levels
                            • Continuously adjustable shin rests
                            • Large anti-slip treads
                            • Two lockable swivel wheels
                            • Three swivel wheels can support heavy weights and allow the person to be transported in a standing position.
                            • Step height 6.5 cm
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