Product choice

Suitable for

shoulder sensitivity yes yes yes with reservation
severe core instability no no yes no
get-up/standing exercises and grasping exercises yes yes yes yes
narrow rooms yes no with reservation yes
maximal patient weight 130 kg 130 kg 150 kg 150 kg
short patient transport yes yes yes yes
patient transport in a sitting position (optional seat) yes no no no
  Process of moving in upright position supported by electric drive, with belt attachment relieving shoulder girdle from strain. no drive
PLEASE NOTE We cannot guarantee that our aids are generally suitable without having an exact knowledge of the patient’s exercise capacity (mobility). To clarify this in advance, we recommend that you fill in our questionnaire, which may be requested here.
Diseases (examples) ALS, MS, hemiplegia (resulting from stroke), tetraplegia (incomplete), paraplegia, muscle dystrophy, muscle atrophy, restrictions caused by old age...