The sit-to-stand aid ROLEO and other tools from Leonair Rehatechnik help patients with multiple sclerosis, stroke, muscle diseases and other physical disabilities.

Our transfer aids support physically impaired persons by helping them to get in an upright position or move from one sitting surface to another, e.g. from the bedside into a wheelchair. As these aids also enable standing exercises, they allow some patients to get mobile even without a separate stand aid.

Patients are actively involved in the transfer. This requires, and hence also promotes, mobility. At the same time, caretakers manage to keep a healthy back while working. ROLEO, ELEA, LiLLy or Emmy? We will gladly give you advice to help you choose the aid that best meets your needs.

Sit-to-stand aid ROLEO
The figure shows optional equipment

A rehabilitation aid with a lot of benefits:

  • Electric support helps patients to get up
  • Less space needed as turning around is possible without manoeuvring
  • No shoulder problems due to belt attachment in the pelvic area
  • Standing exercises and stand-up exercises are possible without an additional aid
  • A number of hand grips offer training for arms and hands

Watch ROLEO in the video (German)


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Turning around with ROLEO makes transfer easy and saves space

Sit-to-stand aid ELEA

Our sit-to-stand aid ELEA allows patients to get actively involved in standing up or moving from one sitting surface to another. The fact that the belt is placed around the pelvis prevents complications in the patient’s shoulder area, while also ensuring that caretakers keep a healthy back while working.

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Electric transfer aid Lilly

Our electric transfer aid Lilly is suitable for people with or without core stability. The fact that the belt attachment is located at the body’s centre of gravity helps patients to avoid shoulder problems. Caretakers appreciate the ease of use and the benefit of being able to keep a healthy back while working.

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Sit-to-stand aid Emmy

Our sit-to-stand aid Emmy supports patients’ existing mobility. Vertical grips allow patients to practice standing while leaving room for the head. Large slip-resistant footplates with a step height as low as 6.5 centimetres provide safety. Patients may drive while standing.

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