Sit-to-stand aid - transfer aid ELEA


Easy-to-use electric sit-to-stand aid

Sit-to-stand aid Elea

Our sit-to-stand aid Elea allows patients to get actively involved in standing up or moving from one sitting surface to another depending on their exercise capacity. As is the case with all Leonair sit-to-stand and transfer aids, the fact that the belt is placed around the pelvis prevents complications in the patient’s shoulder area, while ensuring that caretakers keep a healthy back while working.

ELEA sit-to-stand aid provides motorised support
  • Enables healthy-back working
  • Easy to operate
  • Provides motorised support
  • Highly tilt-resistant
ELEA sit-to-stand aid promotes existing mobility
  • Avoids shoulder problems due to belt attachment in pelvic area
  • Promotes existing mobility, also suitable for standing exercises
  • Provides firm and safe support during transfer

Basic equipment of the ELEA transfer aid

Elea with belt attachment in pelvic area
  • Support column with a platform
  • 2 wheels with a locking brake
  • 4 wheels without a locking brake
  • Multi-grip bars
  • Shinbone rest, adjustable in height and width
  • Patient belt
  • Lift system (motuna) providing motorised support, including manual control unit, battery pack and charger
Basic equipment of the ELEA transfer aid

Indication and specifications

Indication Persons with a limited range of motion and functional restrictions in the lower extremities and the pelvic girdle, which make it difficult or impossible for them to get up without assistance
Contraindication Persons unable to put weight on their feet for a short time although having handlebars for both hands and being supported with a tension band and shinbone rests.
Specifications Electric pulling system
(System motuna)
24 VDC / 2,9 A
Safety nut in push direction, brake in push direction
  Battery module Battery pack consisting of 2 rechargeable batteries
  Wall charging unit externally connectable / suitable for the aforementioned battery pack
  Total height 130 cm (without accessories)
  Total length 85 cm
  Construction width 60 cm
  Ground clearance 8 cm
  Front wheels 2 x 100 mm with a locking brake
  Back wheels 4 x 50 mm
  Weight 45 kg
  Loading capacity 130 kg


Order data

Order data   Order no.
  Basic version ELEA 09.100.001
  Patient belt, size 1, maximal abdominal circumference 100 cm 00.011.926
  Patient belt, size 2, maximal abdominal circumference 130 cm 00.011.927
ELEA Brustabstützung Chest rest. Allows patients to gently rest their chest or chin, e.g. while getting cleaned after using the toilet. 00.012.260
ELEA Vertikalabstützung inkl. Brustabstützung Vertical rest including chest rest (e.g. for standing exercises)
Supports upright position.
ELEA Fußschalen

Foot holders including instep straps, maximal shoe size 37 (pair). Attaches feet to standing surface. May be used for patients with spasms.

Foot holders including instep straps, maximal shoe size 45 (pair)

ELEA Wadenhalter Calf holders (pair) To stabilise legs and knees if these tend to give way laterally. 00.011.860
ELEA Zusatzgriffe Additional handles (pair)
To provide more options for patients to hold on to.
  Padded inserts for shinbone rests (pair) 00.012.436


Further accessories and customisation are possible upon request.
Our ELEA sit-to-stand and transfer aid fulfils the essential requirements set forth in the Medical Devices Directive (MDD 93/42/EWG). We reserve the right to make technical changes and changes in colour at any time.